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NOTICE: The date for the October Board meeting has changed; the Board will meet on October 23, 2019, in Jackson.

As of October 14th 2019, the MSOGB has a new mapping and reporting web site that replaces the previous ones. As of that date, the old ones have stopped working.

The link for the new mapping site is:

The link for the reporting site is the same, but to get to the reporting part you will need to click the icon in the upper right corner ( )

The Oil and Gas Board is seeking sealed proposals for the plugging of declared orphan wells located in Adams, Amite, Jefferson, Pike and Wilkinson Counties, Mississippi (Bid Package 2020-1). Please click here for the complete bid notice.

The Oil and Gas Board is seeking sealed proposal for the plugging of declared orphan wells located in Simpson County, Mississippi (Bid Package 2020-2). Please click here for the complete bid notice.

At the August 21, 2019 Board meeting the Board approved the amendments to Statewide Rule 4, effective September 20, 2019.Invoicing for $100.00 unplugged well fees will start in June 2020.  Please link here for the new Rule 4.

At the May meeting of the Board the Chairman signed an Order decreasing the Maintenance Fee effective May 16, 2018. Please click here for the order.

Effective February 1, 2018, the Oil and Gas Board will be sending all approved forms via e-mail. Please provide a valid e-mail address to dsnodgrass@ogb.state.ms.us

The Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board’s data and the Ground Water Protection Council’s (GWPC) Mobile RBDMS Wellfinder app.

The Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board (MSOGB) would like to announce that we are now making our well data available through the GWPC Mobile RBDMS Wellfinder app. RBDMS Wellfinder is a mobile app available for both Android and iPhones that will show well locations and other information using a smart phones location capabilities or touch screen. Then the well locations are shown on a map of the area. As of now, the well information is updated once a month.
 A GWPC press release can be seen here. GWPC Press Release.

 Anyone who would like to obtain this app, please search for “RBDMS Wellfinder” on the Play Store for Android phones or the App Store for iPhones.

The on-line Rulebook has been updated to include all rule changes through May 2017.

As of April 1, 2010, the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board has a Web Site featuring a map of
the State of Mississippi showing the location of all wells with latitudes and longitudes. The well data on
the current home page has been upgraded to work in conjunction with MSOGB OnLine so that both sites
are reflecting the same up to date well information. For any questions or technical support you may call or
e-mail the Systems Administrators at any time.

Please click the appropriate link below.


Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS) Development

The Program Objective of the State Oil and Gas Board is to promulgate and enforce rules to regulate and promote oil and gas drilling, production and storage so as to protect the coequal and correlative rights of all owners of interests; and to promulgate and enforce rules to regulate the disposal of non-hazardous oil field waste in an environmentally safe manner consistent with federal and state regulations.

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