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FORM 1 Organization Report Form 1 Form 1
FORM 2 Application to Drill, Workover or Change Operator Form 2 Form 2
FORM 2-A Application to Create, Operate and Maintain an Underground Hydrocarbon Storage Facility Form 2-A Form 2-A
FORM 3 Well Completion or Recompletion Report and Well Log Form 3 Form 3
FORM 4-A Gas Well Deliverability Test Form 4-A Form 4-A
FORM 6 Notice of Intention to Plug and Abandon Form 6 Form 6
FORM 7 Plugging Record Form 7 Form 7
FORM 8 Operator's Certificate of Compliance and Authorization to Transport Oil or Gas From Drilling Unit Form 8 Form 8
FORM 9-A Semi-Annual Inactive Well Status Report Form 9-A Form 9-A
FORM 9-12-15-Z Producer's Monthly Report for Oil and Gas Wells Form 9-12-15-Z Form 9-12-15-Z
FORM 10 Transporters and Storer's Monthly Report Form 10 Form 10
FORM 11 Gasoline Plant or Pressure Maintenance Monthly Report Form 11 Form 11
FORM 12 Gas Purchasers Monthly Report Form 12 Form 12
FORM 13 Refiners Monthly Report Form 13 Form 13
FORM 14 Monthly Report on Fluids Injected Form 14 Form 14
FORM 14-A Monthly Report on Fluids Injected for Underground Storage Facilities Form 14-A Form 14-A
FORM 14-B Monthly Report on Fluids Injected for Underground Reservoir Storage Facilities Form 14-B Form 14-B
FORM 17 Well Test Report Form 17 Form 17
FORM 19 Certificate of Compliance for Hydrogen Sulfide Operations Form 19 Form 19
FORM 20 Work Permit to Plug and Abandon a Well Utilized for NORM Disposal Form 20 Form 20
FORM 21 Radiation Survey for Oil Field NORM Form 21 Form 21