Reference Codes

Code Definition
CM Coal Bed Methane
CO2 Carbon Dioxide - Production
DH Dry Hole
EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery - Injection
EX Expired Location
GAS Natural Gas - Production
GST Gas Storage
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas Storage
MON Monitor/Observation
NE Not Entered
OIL Oil - Production
PC Permit Canceled
ST Stratigraphic
SWD Water Injection - Disposal
WD Water Disposal - Class I
WS Water Source
Code Definition
CIP Conversion - Injection to Production
COI Change of Operator (Injection Well)
COP Change of Operator (Production Well)
CPI Conversion - Production to Injection
OPD Original Permit to Drill
OPDC Commingled Production Well
OPDD Dual Completion
OPI Original Permit to Drill (Injection)
WOI Workover (Injection Well)
WOIH Workover Injection Well - Horizontal
WOP Workover Permit - Existing Well
WOPH Workover Permit - Directional or Horizontal
Code Definition
AA Intent to Abandon Approved
AI Active Injection
APA Appears P&A/No Records
APS Appears P&A/No Records - Surveyor Inspection
AU Abandoned - Unapproved
AUS Abandoned - Unapproved - Surveyor Inspection
CA Permit Cancelled
CI Closed In
CPL Completed Wells
DA Dry and Abandoned
DG Drilling
EX Expired Permit
F Flowing
I Inactive
NE Not Entered
NR No Report
O Orphaned
OPA Orphaned P&A
P Pumping
PA Plugged and Abandoned
PAS Plugged and Abandoned - surveyor inpsection
PO Potential Orphan Well
PR Producing
PW Permitted Well
SB Stand By
TA Temporarily Abandoned
WS Water Supply
Code Definition Code Definition
3DV 3-Dimensional Velocity GRD Gamma Ray-Desity, Natural gamma ray LIth-log
AUD Noise Log, Audio, Experimental Noise Log GRN Gamma Ray-Neutron, Nuclear,
AVD Amplitude-Variable Density Log GRS Gamma Ray-Sonic
BHT Temperature, Differential temperature I Induction, Pasor induction
BHV Velocity LL Laterlog
BT Borehole televiewer ML Microlog
CAL Caliper MLL Microlaterolog
CBL Cement Bond, Cement Curve, Cenment Quality, Cement MUD Mud Log, sample log
CCL Casing collar locator N Neutron
CHL Cased hole neutron NGT Gamma Ray-Spectroscopy, Natural gamma ray spectro
CNL Compensated Neutron Log, Dual spaced neutron NL Not Logged
CP Computer Process, Cyberlook, Complex lithology, Hy PE Photoelectric, Photo density
D Density, Spectal density, Slim hole density PEX Plasform Express
DC Depth Correlation Log PF Perforating Depth Control, Perforating
DIL Dual induction PRL Propagated Resisitivity Log
DIR Deviation Survey, Borehole directional survey RES Resisitivity
DLL Dual laterlog SFL Spherically Focused Log
DM Dip Meter, Continuous dipmeter, High resolution di SNP Sidewall Neutron Porosity
EL Electric Log SON Sonic, Sonic porosity, Borehole compensated sonic
EMT Electromgnetic propagation SP Spontaneous Potential
ENP Epithermal Neutron Porosity SPS Spinner survey
EP Elatic Properties SS Seismic Spectrum
EPL Engineered Production Logging SYN Synthetic seismogram
FDC Formation Density Log (D&Cal), Density, Porosity, TDT Thermal Neutron Decay Time
FMS Formation microscanner TR Tracer, Isotope tracer
FT Formation Test, Repeat formation tester USGD Ultra Sonic Gas Detector
GD Guard VSP Vertical seismic profile
GND Gamma Ray-Neutron, Density WBS Well Bore Sibilation
GR Gamma Ray, Radioactivity WSM Well seismic monitor

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