Well Status Code List

Well Status Status Definition
Well Status Status Definition
AA AA - Intent to Abandon Approved
AI AI - Active Injection
APA APA - Appears P&A/No Records
APS APS - Appears P&A/No Records - surveyor inspection
AU AU - Abandoned - Unapproved
AUS AUS - Abandoned - Unapproved Surveyor Inspection
CA CA - Permit Cancelled
CI CI - Closed In (Producing Well)
COMNG COMNG - Comingled for Production
CPL CPL - Completed Wells (Form 3 Recv'd)
CPLNP CPLNP - Completed Well (Form 3 Recv'd) Not Producing
DA DA - Dry and Abandoned
DG DG - Drilling
DGW DGW - Domestic Gas Well
DWW DWW Domestic Water Well
EX EX - Expired Permit
I I - Inactive
JA JA - Junked and Abandoned
LEACH LEACH - Leaching (for Salt Cavern Wells)
NE NE - Not Entered
NR NR - No Report submitted
NRR NRR - No Report Required
O O - Orphaned Well
OPA OPA - Orphaned P&A
PA PA - Plugged and Abandoned
PAS PAS - Plugged and Abandoned - surveyor inspection
PO PO - Potential Orphan Well
PR PR - Producing
PW PW - Permitted Well to drill or re-enter
PWI PWI - Permitted for conversion from Prod to Inj
PWINR PWINR - Permitted Well Conversion to Injection- No Reports required
PWP PWP - Permitted for conversion from Inj to Prod
SB SB - Stand By (Injection Well)
TA TA - Temporarily Abandoned
WS WS - Water Supply
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