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MSOGB Dynamic KML Well Search

Note: Make one or more selections below to filter your results, and to return only wells matching your selection(s).

No Yes

Should an AOR be done if a single well or location is selected? If Yes, then bottom hole info below must be Yes to get subsurface information.

No Yes Require it

Should Bottom Hole (sub-surface) information be included, considered or required? Requied not permitted when AOR is requested.

API Location

Search by API or Location(lat/long)?

Type an API Number, like 2300100001

Use % characters as wildcards like 23001% % is not permitted with 14-Digit API Number

Type the latitude of the well, like 31.61344

Type the longitude of the well, like -91.3198

Enter a number to be used for the AOR distance along with the units chosen next

Select Units for above distance (feet/Kilometers/Meters/Miles)

Type an Operator Name, like Operating Company

Use % characters as wildcards like %Operating%

Type a Well Name, like USA 1

Use % characters as wildcards like USA%1

Type a Well Number, like 5-1

Use % characters as wildcards like 5%1


Please Select Filter Options and Click the Submit Button.


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    Save -- To import into other KML compatible Software.

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